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Post  villasis31 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:48 am

Posted By SweetSpy

People there's a "miss understanding here.Clanbase section is to post news,rules about your clan,communication between clan members or for recruit new members.Unfortunately many people want to fight each other or spam every topic.
When someone is announcing a new guild,is making it just to recruit members or to communicate with his members.NOT for you to post "good luck" or "your guild sucks","mine is better" etc etc.If you are NOT member of his guild or you dont want to be one,DONT post.Other posts will be considered as spam and we will delete them.
Thank you Very Happy

Officer Of Wolves

Guld Master: SweetSpy
AssTGuild Master: CuteKorean
Battle Master:angheltres
Battle Master:Angel13

The Wolves Guild is from in MuThegame the greek Server now its here in XylonServer
Read The ruless of Guild

1:Dont kill your Guildmate
2;Dont SayBAD Words in Furom or in Game or in other Players.
3;Respect the Officer of Wolves or Admin
4;If your guildmate nid help just Help him.

I hope you understand the rulesss in this guild Tnx

Very Happy


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FOR THE Wolves Member... Empty hmmm

Post  spongebob on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:09 am


i think yer correct!!

tnx fOr posting it

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